Bad Season, Bad Calls

Dryol Prioleau is a seven-year NFL referee from VA. For 59 minutes, 30

seconds those of us watching the Browns play at the New England Patriots truly knew this.


Prioleau decided he wanted to determine the outcome of this game.


Leon McFadden was called for pass interference in the end zone with 35

seconds left in the game. Replays showed McFadden didn’t commit pass

interference. It didn’t matter to Prioleau who threw his flag with authority.


It was first down Patriots on the Browns 1-yard line. And in the matter of

what seemed like seconds the patriots went from trailing by 12 points to

leading by 1.


You can blame the Browns defense for allowing the Patriots to storm back

after the Browns took a 19-3 lead on an 80 yard touchdown reception to

Josh Gordon.


You can blame Jason Campbell for burning timeouts earlier in the second

half. Timeouts the Browns dearly needed when they got the ball back

down one point with 30 seconds remaining.


But you can’t allow a field judge to play such a big role in determining who

wins and loses games. A bad call is going to happen, but in that situation,

why is he throwing a flag if there isn’t an egregious foul being committed?


In a Browns season that featured frustrating momentum after frustrating

moment, no doubt this takes the cake. To have a game in which the

Browns played relatively well determined by a poor judgment call on

Prioleau’s part is maddening.


Does this happen only to the Browns? No, just ask the Packers about that

Monday Night Football game last year vs Seattle. While we’re all at it, ask

the Seahawks about Super Bowl XL.


The Browns should have won this game. For 59 minutes, they did almost

everything right to secure the victory. The Patriots, with some big help

from Prioleau, dominated the final minute.


Is 5-8 that much better than 4-9? Of course not. On Sunday morning, one

Browns fan said to me, “These are the types of games the Browns win”


In other words: How many times have we seen the Browns win a

meaningless game December game only to screw them out of a key player

that following spring in the NFL Draft?


It’s not easy to say they should tank the final 3 games. A win at Pittsburgh

in two weeks would be most welcomed.


Hopefully the Browns learned an important lesson today. There were

plenty of missed opportunities in the game’s first 59 minutes allowing that

final disastrous minute to occur.


They also learned Dryol Prioleau doesn’t know what pass interference is.


We all learned that.

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Posted by Joe - December 9, 2013 at 2:14 am

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That Sinking Feeling

In an ugly loss there is plenty of blame to go around.

Yes, the referees made questionable calls all game long.

Was that really pass interference on Joe Haden in the 1st quarter?

Probably not.

Was that really a catch by Greg Little down field in the 4th quarter?


Was that really roughing the passer by Quentin Groves on Matt Stafford

in the 4th quarter?

Probably not.

Should the Browns have won the game?




Unfortunately we found out today that Brandon Weeden is not only not a

good quarterback, but he can’t even be a game manager. He can’t rise to

the occasion, and his signature play in now a left handed shot-put of a

throw that was intercepted and essentially sealed the victory for the Lions.

By now, either you saw the play live or after it was turned into a GIF for

the enjoyment of all of the internet.

Instead of another week of a first place team, the Browns have returned

to a laughing stock.

Is it possible this is a capable NFL team that is a quarterback away from

being good?


Despite the loss, the Browns remain a .500 team. Ten games remain, two

against the Steelers, and one each against the Bengals and Ravens.

Unfortunately, as long as Weeden does those aforementioned Weeden

things, this team is a capable NFL team needing a capable quarterback

to lead this team to the next level.

Until then, the job description is easy, throw the ball accurately to Josh

Gordon and Jordan Cameron, mix in a few handoffs to the teams running

backs, and don’t turn the ball over. From there allow the defense to do

there job.

Yes, a QB gets too much praise when a team wins, or too much blame

when a team loses.

But not this time.

This was on Brandon Weeden.

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Posted by Joe - October 14, 2013 at 12:58 am

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Browns Players Showed Up To Support Team

Today will be remembered by many fans, and reporters, as the Sunday

most thought would end up as a one sided game won easily by the Vikings.

But today, several players had other plans. First, you have to

give credit to first year head coach Chud for somehow getting his players

ready for this game after a stunning week that saw Trent Richardson get

dealt to the Colts for a 1st round pick. He gave the starting job for today’s

game to Brian Hoyer, who I liked as an Ohio boy, went to Michigan

to play college football in the Big Ten, had a solid career there, and has been around the NFL playing for several teams, so he was prepared for this type of

game. He proved it by going out and providing the offense with a much

needed spark. He threw for over 300 yards, as well as 3 touchdowns to

Jordan Cameron. Also showing up were WR’s Josh Gordon and Greg Little. All other receivers, please watch the tape. The defense managed to keep Adrian Peterson under 4 yards per carry, and did a very good job of keeping pressure on Christian Ponder all day long. This unit is getting better each week, and looks to be the strongest part of the team. The special teams did a great job of installing a fake punt keeping a drive alive, as well as a fake field goal which

turned into a touchdown. The Punter also had a great game, not only for his punts and kick offs, but he had to fill in for the field goal kicker Cundiff, who pulled a groin muscle during the first half of the game.

Yes, it’s only one game but as a Browns fan, this showed the fans and the league that this team does not appear to be giving up the on the season. The question for this week is who will get the QB role against the Bengals this

Sunday in Cleveland? My answer would be Brian Hoyer, for some reason he just seems to be on the same page with the rest of his offense while Weeden

struggled to get any continuity going with his players in the huddle, and for some reason he has had to many penalties called for delay of game, while

Hoyer had none. There are many questions that will be asked this week

surrounding these issues, it will be interesting to see which way Chud and Turner go. Let’s hope the momentum continues next Sunday in Cleveland where the Browns need to start winning at home for there fans who have been such strong supporters of this struggling franchise for too many years.

Will also be an interesting week to see if any of the rumors regarding the Browns fielding offers for both Gordon and Little. Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into a fire sale because these players are just coming into their prime years and should be part of this next generation of players being put together.

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Posted by Joe - September 23, 2013 at 1:21 am

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Weeden’s Injury Best For Browns

Based on his performance in the first two regular season

games, Brandon Weeden is slowly working himself out of a

starting QB position with the Browns in only his second year.

The problem with his thumb may be only a sprain but the

problem with his decision making on the field is lingering.

I believe the Browns will turn to Brian Hoyer this Sunday

to see if he can spark anything into this offense. The QB

position has more options than previous years, with McCoy

or Quinn. Hoyer is a better QB than Campbell at this point

in his career, and could be enough to move this offense

in the right direction. If not, the Browns will be looking at

another top ten position in May during the NFL Draft.


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Posted by Joe - September 18, 2013 at 1:20 am

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Barkevious Mingo’s Progress

Barkevious Mingo’s quickness and potential were evident to many

in the game against the St. Louis Rams, as he pressured

quarterbacks and registered a special team’s tackle.


But that’s not what impressed the discerning eyes of veteran

D’Qwell Jackson. The inside linebacker saw a rookie whose energy

level didn’t dip after the adrenaline from his first few NFL series

evaporated into the humid night air.


“He showed a tremendous amount of conditioning for his first

game,” Jackson said. “Usually, it jumps up on you. Everyone

remembers that first preseason game and you take a couple of

deep breaths and it’s like, ‘OK, this is the real deal.’ But I watched

him every play and he’s got a knack for getting after that QB. He

has a motor, and that’s something you can’t teach.”


The Brown’s edge rusher, selected No.6 overall in the draft, gave

fans a glimpse of what they might come to expect at First Energy

Stadium. He recorded two quarterback hits and had a second sack

nullified because coach Chudzinski accepted a 10 yard penalty that

Mingo drew on Rams left tackle Joe Barksdale.


“I thought he was really explosive,” outside linebacker Paul Kruger

said. ‘He’s just got to refine a few things and he’s right there. He’s

an extremely talented guy and he knows the defense. For him, it’s

going to be good progression really quick.”

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Posted by Joe - August 22, 2013 at 12:51 am

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